Company "Chiglеl" LLC is a Mongolian manufacturer of equipments for public catering establishments.

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Company "Chiglеl" LLC is a Mongolian manufacturer of equipments for public catering establishments. The company was established in 1990 and have been successfully operating in the Mongolian market, being one of the largest specialized organizations in Mongolia for the production, sale, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical, auxiliary, commercial and technological, refrigeration and ventilation equipment.

We manufacture, sell, install and maintain:

Electrothermal equipment: Multifunctional electric digestion boilers of "Namuunzaya-NMZ-Ya" brand, with a capacity of 40,60,80,100,150,250 liters, Frying pans made of cast iron and stainless steel of the brand "UNZ-I", with a capacity of 40 and 75 liters, Plates 2, 4 and 6-burners, in versions with a frying cupboard and without it, gas stoves, equipment for processing milk and dairy products, Power distribution lines and counters for supplying power distribution lines of various configurations.

Auxiliary equipment from stainless steel (washing baths, dressing tables, technological shelves and racks for drying dishes, technological inserts, cargo trucks, grease traps, containers for storing fresh water).

All services and serially produced equipment are certified. /Certificate of Conformity of Mongolia, Declaration of Conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union/

We sell and supply the whole range of equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers necessary for equipping public catering and trade, a wide choice of which are presented in 3 spacious trade and exhibition halls in Ulaanbaatar.

We work closely and also are a member of organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia, the National Industrial Union, the Mongolian Employers' Federation, the Union of Supporters of Wealth, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration association.


Multifunctional boiler Namuunzaya", made in the company "Chiglal", is intended for cooking first dishes, boiling water, cooking meat, vegetables, cooking, sterilizing and cooling milk, preparing tea, yoghurt and jam.
The boiler is manufactured by Chiglal and all the components of the protective equipment are guaranteed and experimented in the laboratory of the company.
The bowl of the boiler is made of 304 stainless steel.


Name of director: Ts.Bumtsend
Company address: 306, st.Chingeltei-9, Ulaanbaatar
Tel: (976) 11-313438