From July 1998, “Gatsuurt” LLC started working independently, as a single member, in the mining industry...

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From July 1998, “Gatsuurt” LLC started working independently, as a single member, in the mining industry, mining gold deposits in Selenge and Uvurkhangai provinces and from then on, growing out and becoming one of the top national companies, starting a technical and technological reformation and becoming the first company to do a remediation. Currently, “Gatsuurt” LLC owns 1 placer deposit license, 2 gravel licenses and 1 brown coal license.

In the late 1990, the most important and must-do work for the country’s people was the safety of food produces, which caught people’s attention in Mongolia.

One of the most important issues in any country is the non-dependence of food produce. Because of this we started a long term goal to give our part in supplying “rice, flour, meat, dairy and vegetables” to the people and invested around 200 billion tugrugs and started producing on our own 10-15% of wheat, 5% of vegetables, 2% of meat and small quantities of dairy, oil and flour for the nation’s demands. We planted wheat and vegetables in 50,000 Hectares of land in 8 Sums of Selenge Aimag, one of the main agricultural regions of Mongolia and are working to create a stable conditions to distribute our products by building storages of 120,000 tons for wheat, 30,000 tons for vegetables, 2,000 tons for meat, 7,000 tons for fuel, 15,000 m2 for dry products and 25,000 m2 for equipment and machinery.

“Gatsuurt” LLC has made plans to develop agriculture and livestock husbandry in combination using the conventional livestock husbandry practices while conducting intensive livestock husbandry, starting an artificial insemination programs in 2001 and continuing successfully and locating 1000 black and red Anguses for beef, 150 Holsteins for milk, 500 Dorper sheep for meat, 100 Saanen goats for milk for the first time in the Mongolian countryside. Also in 2011, 2012, we imported and located Limousine, Montbeliarde, Holstein beef and dairy cattle from France.

In 2009, we started the first Mongolian meat plant that can slaughter 200 big cattle and 500 small cattle which have all the production lines that air dries, classifies and packs.

We created around 300 wells, 10 000 Watt electric lines that stretch for 100 km, around 100 shelters and fences, 50 km new roads, 10 000 ton silage storage, 5 000 m livestock watering concrete canals, 5 000 ton storage for bran and feed, 5 000 cattle stations and shelters, all an unprecedented work in the last 20 years.

Today, we are growing and working to increase our 5000 head cattle, 10000 head sheep, 1000 head goat, 350 head horses and 300 head camels.

Besides using safe and healthy food, we understood that we had to be intellectually independent, bright and more over develop our social understandings to the right direction, while keeping our traditional and cultural values and develop our “national identity”, which led us to step into the media market in 2007.


We were the first and the last company to get our television license through auction.

Mongol Television is the first HD TV, with the slogan “Respect our viewers and honor our laws” and we strive to teach the importance of having a broad communications law, to bring our viewers shows that touch on the delicate subjects of society, satisfy the public interests and needs, publicize the national successes and achievements of development, support the development of individuals while carrying on our work within the valid International and National laws and to introduce the international standards to Mongolia and becoming an example in the industry.

The investment for the media industry by “Gatsuurt” LLC is an operation that understands social responsibility and was an investment for all ages of Mongolian people rather than a financial ambition.

In this 21st century, “NOMSYS” LLC is working to deliver media through the wireless internet for the people of the ger district, who don’t have electricity and opportunity to receive any news from the outside world. Today, the wireless internet covers 30 percent of Ulaanbaatar.

After concluding that the Mongolian beautiful nature, the kind and affectionate demeanor of the people and its culture can become the foundation of tourism, we opened the first five-star hotel “TERELJ” in a special conservation area near Terelj brook, which was the first time a luxurious hotel service standards have been introduced to Mongolia and we had our part in this industry’s development by preparing professional staff.

We want to say that it hasn’t all been an easy road to accomplish this.

To educate the young generation and help develop their minds, we opened “Brickland” LLC in 2008 and began selling the best toy of the century, LEGO. As of now, we are working on a project called “Little Ger.”

We will embrace our country and its people.


Bottled by “Gatsuurt Khuns LLC”

Pure honey doesn’t lose its quality for many years. The honey doesn’t mold and it has an incredible disinfectant quality.

In natural honey, 18% water, the remaining 80% contains about 400 different components including glucose, fructose, minerals, amino acids, amylaceous, proteins, vitamins A B C, and substances with antimicrobial properties. 1 kg natural honey has high calorie content up to 2940 kcal.

Honey crystallizes at low temperatures. The crystallized part contains mainly glucose, in the non-crystallized part of fructose. When heated, acquires the original appearance, while not losing quality. Therefore, honey was used not only in food, but also used as a means of strengthening immunity, as a soothing agent, with burns, wounds and many other diseases.

Honey is a special natural creation of a mixture of unique biological active substances. Therefore, the ability to assimilate honey by human organisms is identical to that of breast milk. A person who drinks a liquid containing 30% of the honey, it is totally assimilated by organisms. In this case, the body doesn’t produce additional enzymes for the assimilation of honey.


GATSUURT LLC opened the production of bottling of natural honey by the technology of the Polish company Lyson in 2017.

The factory has a production capacity of 150 liters of pure honey per hour.

We work in conjunction with the Union of Beekeeping in Mongolia and the State Central Veterinary and Sanitary Laboratory to increase the competitiveness of natural honey from Mongolian nectar plants in the world.

- Nutrition Facts
- Serving Size 1 Tbsp (21g)
- Energy rating: 64 kcal
- Fat: 0g
- Carbohydrate: No more than 80%

Moist: No more than 21%
Not allowed for children less than 1 year


Name of director: Chinbat Lhagva
Company address: "Gatsuurt" LLC building, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: (976) 70113357, (976) 70171907
Fax: (976) 70001711