Ingen Tagsh LLC was established in 2009 in Mandal-Ovoo soum, Umnu-Govi province that leads by number of camels, as becoming...

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Ingen Tagsh LLC was established in 2009 in Mandal-Ovoo soum, Umnu-Govi province that leads by number of camels, as becoming the first mid range enterprise in producing camel milk products in traditional way to offer in Mongolian dairy market. We proudly say that our products, such as Tsegee, fermented camel milk, curds drink and yogurt under the brand name Tsagaan doctor and other diaries are organic, for the reason that our camels graze on healthy soil pastures in eastern of the soum where there are no mining operations. The milk is stored in safe containers, refrigerated and pasteurized in site according to the highest quality control procedures to ensure it can be delivered fresh within 24 hours. Unlike other small businesses of camel dairies, we manage the complete process and can guarantee fresh and hygienic standards.


Tsagaan Doctor, Ingen Tagsh’s recently launched brand, have been developed from a growing need to cater for health minded and well informed consumers who are demanding natural camel milk free of additives that tastes the way milk should. Actually in recent years a trend has developed where processes and additives have been added to natural dairy products to make it look more appealing and last longer on the shelf. The reason why we name the brand as Doctor, the drinks are made with fresh camel milk which has always been an important part of a balanced diet and a natural source of all of the essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet and is 5 times lower in fat than the fermented camel milk which local camel herders produce.

Tsagaan doctor added no powders or preservatives and good at the followings.

Closest in composition to human milk, therefore, more beneficial to babies and infants
Source of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
Boosts vitality
Increases immunity
Protective effects against environmental and radiation poisoning
Best cure for hangover
Improve digestive health
Strong teeth and bones
Treat swelling and scurvy
Help to control diabetes
We sell the products through all of Mongolian big supermarket chains and home delivery service.

Nowadays, Ingen Tagsh LLC is established a name in the Diary Industry and has earned a reputation for the quality of produce and service. We could have received many awards and certification from national and local organizations that we proud of.

We are determined to grow production and to build a strong and sustainable camel milk industry in Mongolia


Name of director: Bat-Ireedui
Company address: Mandal ovoo sum, Umnugovi aimag, Mongolia
Tel: (976) 99107076