Main business direction of the Company is to produce NATIONAL BRAND-SHAR DOCTOR and to plant seabuckthorn on the soil of motherland.

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Main business direction of the Company is to produce NATIONAL BRAND-SHAR DOCTOR and to plant seabuckthorn on the soil of motherland. Since 2006, we have started to process seabuckthorn in the production line and to plant seeds of this fruit. In November 2011, we have put into operation the new factory that has a capacity to process 5 tons of seabuckthorn in a day and that includes the fruit freezer that has a capacity of 400 tons. Seabuckthorn 100% pure juice with oil, which is well pressed by production methods, is used at the production of Juice “Shar Doctor”. So this juice has valuable oil and vitamins necessary for human body. The seabuckthorn pure oil is prepared with fruit’s kernel and tegument with the method of compression. Our major goal is to deliver to consumers this “natural medicine” not removing its valuable qualities. Since 2005 our company had spent definite capital for seabuckthorn sowing but we have felt that it has high risks to plant and to manage seabuckthorn production in a same time. So, since 2010, we have paid much attention to seabuckthorn production. As a result of it, farmers became able to directly deliver their harvests to our factory.

We consider that it is proper to establish a capable organization that determines seeds’ age, sort, quality, fruit yield and standards for collecting fruits and to manage intensive activity in direction to learn fruit planting technology, harvest collection and processing technology and equipments of leading countries as Russia, Germany, Canada and People’s Republic of China.

Our company is capable to process 1500 tons of fruits in a year in case the oil processing technology is suitable with first-level conveyer. Wastes of seabuckthorn production are used as a fodder for horses. Based on the production and farming of seabuckthorn, we are planning to set up a nursing house and to produce cosmetic products and treatment tea.

We also intend to support and cooperate with farmers in order to develop seabuckthorn production in Mongolia. We will organize various events such as to directly purchase farmers harvests, to pay their transportation costs, to allow farmers to travel to the countries that export seabuckhtorn, to provide farmers with professional guidance and to introduce the best-quality sorts of seabuckthorn into production. Also we will encourage individuals and business entities that constantly supply us with best-quality fruits and will recommend them to the Mongolian Agriculture Ministry.

We thank you for that you have been supporting our activity and cooperating with us.


Sea buckthorn is known as a panacea, or cure-all, in many parts of Eastern Asia and Russia. It’s been used for thousands of years to treat all sorts of health issues and illnesses. With modern science and the history of trial and error that made sea buckthorn popular in the first place, we’re now uncovering the true health benefits of this super fruit.

Sea buckthorn has an impressive nutritional profile that indirectly heals and fortifies the entire body. With 14 essential vitamins, omega’s 3, 6, 9, the rare omega 7, super charged anti-oxidants, hundreds of other nutrients, and anti-inflammation properties; Sea buckthorn is THE supplement to be taking. It’s as if one combined fish oil with a multi vitamin/mineral all from one fruit. To make matters better, this is vegan friendly. It’s just a fruit with almost everything the body needs!

For direct healing, sea buckthorn is effective on the skin for burns, wounds, cuts, and any kind of skin damage. It’s a true skin healer and the high levels of omega-7, mostly found in the berry oil, are known for supporting tissue and mucous membranes. It’s widely used and probably best known, as a beauty berry. Daily use can keep you young and healthy from the inside-out, nourishing the skin and body tissues. The oil is commonly taken internally to deal with ulcers and other inflammation issues such as in the throat or skin.

This is only scratching the surface. Sea buckthorn is here to stay and the ways to use it are becoming increasingly clear as individuals share their success stories and modern science continues it’s research. The health benefits of sea buckthorn are becoming very clear and the world is taking notice.

Export products:

Sea buckthorn 100% pure juice
Sea buckthorn 100% pulp oil
Sea buckthorn 100% seed oil


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