TESO Corporation conducts successful oprations with 10 subsidiaries in food production, foreign trade, infrastructure, and construction.

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TESO Corporation conducts successful oprations with 10 subsidiaries in food production, foreign trade, infrastructure, and construction. Since its establishment in 2003, TESO Corporation started cooperating with enterprises from foreign countries. Today, the company cooperates with many countries such as USA, China, Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany and Vietnam. Teso company produces Golden milk (dry milk) in Mongolia and regularly exports to China, Russia and Kazakhstan. Golden milk is "World brand slogan" manufactured in Mongolia is a major export product that meets the international quality standards. The company imports over 210 types of goods and equipment from all over the world and conducts export and re-export services of all kind of products, commodities and minerals. It suplies goods to 11 factories of TESO and other companies. The TESO corporation with over 1000 employers realizes this demand as their duty and works together with joint efforts for prosperity.


1) Goldenmilk, Non-dairy creamers or coffee whiteners are liquid or granular substances intended to substitute for milk or cream as an additive to coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other beverages. They do not contain lactose and therefore are commonly used amongst those who suffer from lactose allergy. Benefits: Desirable taste and color, Help with weight management, Long shelf life, Cost efficient, Lactose free, Prevent liver damage.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Vegetable oil, Purified water, Antioxidants, Anti-caking agent, Food coloring

2) Lapsha noodles are distinct from ordinary noodles as it is enriched with B1, B2, B9, Zn, Fe, vitamins, minerals and stone salt. Lapsha noodles are produced in the first noodles factory in Mongolia to implement ISO 9001: 2010 quality management system and ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system to its manufacturing processes.

3) 100 juice is produced using organic sea buckthorn, lingonberry and blueberry that grew in the wild nature of Mongolia. Known for its countless benefits to human health, 100 juice is one of our best selling products. 100 juice is packed using the latest technology for safety and convenient in different sizes.

Ingredients: Sea buckthorn juice, Blueberry juice, Lingonberry juice, Purified water, Sugar, Vitamin C (E300)

Benefits: Cleanse stomach
- Balance digestive system
- Promotes stomach health
- Maximize blood cells
- Prevent from rheumatism, cold and flu
- Good for eyesight


Name of director: Munkhjargal Battumur
Company address: Central Tower office 903, Chinggis Khaan Square 2,
Sukhbaatar district-8, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia
Tel: (976) 99109555
Fax: (976) 75756262
Email: export4@teso.mn, munkhjargal@teso.mn
Website: www.pinojoy.mn